What is Aristide Partners? 
Aristide Partners is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor based in Westchester, IL.
What kinds of accounts can you manage?
Account types include:
  • Individual / Joint / Traditional IRA /Rollover IRA
  • Roth IRA /SEP IRA / Inherited IRA/ Trust/ LLC
Is there a minimum investment amount to get started?
The recommended minimum investment is $250,000.
May waive this minimum if a smaller amount offered and the client is looking to grow over time.
What are your advisory fees?
Aristide Partners offers discretionary direct asset management services to advisory Clients. Aristide Partners charges an annual investment advisory fee based on the total assets under management as follows:
Assets Under Management
Annual Fee
Monthly Fee
Annual Negotiated Fee
Up to $250,000
$250,001 to $3,000,000
$3,000,001 to $5,000,000
Over $5,000,001
This is a tiered or breakpoint fee schedule, the entire portfolio is charged the same asset management fee.
For example, a Client with $750,000 under management would pay $15,000 on an annual basis. $750,000 x 2.00% = $15,000.
Where is my account held?
Accounts are held at Interactive Brokers
What is your investment philosophy?
Mr. Aristide investment philosophy is one of both value and growth-oriented stock selection.
Growth Strategy:
  • Growth can be considered a company whose earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate relative to the market.
  • Focus on companies with above average rates of growth in earnings and sales. These stocks tend to have above-market price-to-earnings and price-to-sales ratios, as the rapidly growing sales and earnings justifies a higher-than-average valuation.
Value Strategy:
  • Value can be considered a company that tends to trade at a lower price relative to its fundamentals (i.e. dividends, earnings, sales, etc.) and thus considered undervalued. Common characteristics of such stocks include a high dividend yield, low price-to-book ratio and/or low price-to-earnings ratio.
  • Focus on companies with lower-than-average sales and earnings growth rates. Holdings generally feature stocks with lower price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios. Stocks generally have higher dividend yields. Fund can potentially capitalize on turnaround situations.
Who will be managing my money?         
Accounts are managed by Kevin Aristide Owner and Managing Member of Aristide Partners.
What is the account opening process in brief?
Once the financial agreement and other pertinent documents have been signed and the decision is confirmed to work with Aristide Partners LLC, the process is as follows:
Will I get statements for tax filing?
Yes. Interactive Brokers provides year end statement for tax purposes. You can import it into your tax preparation software or enter the aggregate totals for the relevant categories. Please consult your tax advisor for more details. We do not provide tax guidance.
How do I reset my IB password?
The client must call Interactive Brokers to reset their password. Client must contact Customer Service at (877) 442 – 2757.
What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to contact Aristide Partners LLC via email KPA@AristidePartners.com
FUNDING: How do I fund my account at Interactive Brokers?
Please call us to find out the best way to fund your account. We provide some helpful information below.
  • Funding at IB – (Open the link and Click on Fund Transfers tab to read more about funding methods such as Wire, Check, Online bill payment, ACH)
  • ACH – Recommended method to fund your IB account via a bank account.
  • ACATS – US Broker to Broker position transfer system. Requests to have your cash and positions automatically moved from a third-party US broker to IB are initiated from the Position Transfers page in Account Management. This is the fastest method for account transfers and works for regular accounts as well as IRA accounts held at a brokerage such as Scottrade. General information on ACATS ACATS Video
  • Check: Mail Your Check to Interactive Brokers
If sending via overnight delivery service (FedEx, DHL, UPS, others)
Interactive Brokers LLC
8 Greenwich Office Park
Greenwich, CT 06831-5149
Attn: IBCD
If sending via regular mail or US Postal Service (USPS) EXPRESS MAIL
Interactive Brokers LLC
P.O. Box 5235
Greenwich, CT 06831-0504
Attn: IBCD
Important instructions
* The maker of the check must be the IB account holder.
* Your name must be printed on the check. (IB does not accept starter checks).
* You must write your IB Account Title and Account number on the check.
* The amount entered on the check must match the amount specified on the deposit notification. You can create the funding notification or contact us to do it for you.
* You must sign and date your check.
* The check must be payable to Interactive Brokers LLC.
  • Trustee to Trustee IRA ONLY – (Example: When moving an IRA from Vanguard or another mutual fund company.) You may transfer assets from an IRA account held with another trustee/custodian to an IB IRA account. The assets are transferred directly trustee/custodian to trustee/custodian, with no distribution of assets to you. When you choose Deposit Instructions and then Trustee-to-Trustee from Account Management, you will be presented with an IRA Transfer in Authorization form. You can also Download the PDF form here You must print, complete and return this form to IB.IB requires that you have this form notarized. Call us if you need help to complete this form.
  • Rolling over your 401(K)
  • Check from old custodian Clients can choose to rollover their 401(K) accounts from a former employer to an IRA account. Rules can vary slightly by custodian. We recommend clients call their current 401(K) custodian to ask about the IRA rollover process. Usually the custodian will issue a check and send it over to you. The check should be made out to “Interactive Brokers LLC – FBO Client Name”. Make sure to tell them that this will be going to a rollover IRA (traditional IRA). In that case, no taxes will be withheld. Once you receive the check, mail the check to Interactive Brokers. You will then login to IB Account Management and create a check deposit instruction. Click here to learn how to create the notification or contact us.
  • Direct Rollover
  • In some cases, the custodian will be willing to send the check directly to Interactive Brokers. In that case, you will need to mail a Direct Rollover form to Interactive Brokers. This form can be found from within Account Management -> Position Transfers. Call us or IB if you need help with this form.